DJYmaths0 - CopyI’m a probabilist mainly interested in limiting behaviour of large random discrete structures – hopefully the research-centred content of this blog gives a flavour of what I work on.

I am an AEP lecturer (UK equivalent to Assistant Professor) in the Mathematics department at King’s College, London. I started this role in May 2022. This is my embryonic departmental webpage.

My doctoral advisors were Christina Goldschmidt and James Martin, and my thesis concerned Self-organised criticality in random graph processes. Following this, I spent 2.5 years working with Oren Louidor and others at Technion, in Haifa, Israel, where I was grateful to be supported by a Cohen-Coleman Fellowship, and given the chance to devise a cross-faculty graduate course on Random Graphs and related topicsFollowing this, I spent two years as a Florence Nightingale fellow in the Probability group at the Department of Statistics in Oxford. Immediately before starting at King’s, I spent one year as a faculty member in the Statslab in Cambridge, during which I lectured a masters course in Percolation, and the first year course 1A Probability.

I started this blog during my masters, and its purpose has varied over time, especially as the balance of work hours spent reading theory versus writing versus other professional activities has fluctuated. I did not find the job market period nor the Covid period (which overlapped) to be conducive to productivity! My goal is to write 1500-2500 words on relevant topics in probability theory or related areas occasionally, with proper statements and references, but without full technical details when appropriate. Good heuristics are the sort of things I tend to forget as months and years go past, and so for my own benefit I focus on those, though perhaps that works for other readers too.

I remain surprised that blogs like this are not so common, and am always happy to talk about my experiences (positive, negative, and neutral – though mostly positive!) and logistic issues with anyone who is interested in starting something similar.

The title of the blog was a consequence of Almost Sure and Almost Everywhere already being taken as WordPress handles. Unintentionally, it has ended up accurately describing my ambitions regarding visiting other places. Currently I have visited 65 countries, and am excited about possibilities for travel returning soon.

Dominic Yeo


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  1. Hi. I have a quick question for you.
    I am a PhD student majoring in statistics. Since I took only introductory mathematical analysis course in undergraduate, I have difficulty with understanding probability theory now, especially measure-related theory. Could you give any comment about any books – better for self-study – or a way to improve knowledge of theoretic probability theory?

    • Try “Probability and Martingales” by David Williams, or “Probability and Measure” by Patrick Billinglsey. Off the top of my head, I believe both are self-contained. The former is quite brief, and the latter extensive; both are excellent, though Billingsley’s text is my personal favourite and is an absolutely famous book.

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